“Capture Motion has reliably supported the Mayfield men’s varsity soccer team by providing quality video over the past two seasons.  John and his staff do a brilliant job of creating team and individual video for coaching evaluation, player recruiting, as well as team highlights that tell a ‘story’ and serve as lasting keepsakes.”
- Tom Spear
(Father of Student Athlete Carey Spear)

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time considering such short notice. Much
- Monica Barth (Mother of Student Athlete)

"I am very pleased with my experience of working closely with a handful of athletic departments, it gives me joy to be able assist in child's collegiate pursuits"
- John Lorince

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Game Footages

Game Footage Acquisition Single Camera

A professional videographer will be assigned to your sporting event or events. Camera person will setup at a vantage point that is the best option available to them at venue. This option can be shot as a whole team vantage point or to just highlight one player throughout the entire game. This option is very sport specific for example. Is the videographer just taping one wrestling match or the entire team competition. Or is he following the action of the entire basketball game or just the action of your student athlete? Most will choose the entire team option and split the cost with the other parents of other players.

This package starts at $179 an event. This price includes tax. Shipping charges may apply.
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*Sample of Single Camera Event Footage

Multi-Camera Game Footage Acquisition

Upon consultation of your events needs, Capture Motion will determine what type of setup coverage you need. The benefits of having multiple cameras at your events is that you can have a long wide shot as well as a close up shot of your student athlete. This option is our complete game coverage that has a quality likeness of watching a game on broadcast television. You can also have one camera follow the plays of the game and the other capture a Cinematic Style Game. Perhaps have a parent commentate or have us record the announcer with his or permission of course. All of these things are available by adding more cameras to cover more areas.

This package starts at $299 an event. This price includes tax but shipping charges may apply.
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*Sample of a basic 2 Camera Shoot with score graphics.

End of Year Banquet Highlight Video

If your school participates in an entire season package then you can purchase this option for your team. This video is wonderful for the entire team because it offers a memorable keepsake of the entire season with highlights from all participating players. Special request can be made from your team representative such as a "senior segment". This video highlights the entire season from big game plays to interviews with the coaching staff and fan antics. This video ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes in length depending on how many games there was in season and special features. This is always a favorite of the players, parents, and coaching staff. This package addition is available starting at $349.
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* This price does not include setup of projector at banquet, however we can set this up for an additional $149.

*Example of an End of Year Highlight Video

Individual Athletic Recruitment Highlight

This package is for members of the team participation package of an entire season package. Members are allowed discounted services because of the entire season committment to get quality game footage of at least 10 events or games. Members can review their game dvds and pick up to 10 minutes of highlights. Timecode sheets are available for football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball,golf and lacrosse. For wrestling, swimming, and track whole races or matches are necessary for collegiate review. Always contact capture motion when in question. All packages include an electronic copy and a dvd copy of highlight film. Each video will have a biography page, statistics and achievments page, a highlight video, and a contact page. This package starts at $200.
*Price includes tax and shipping.
Download the time sheet here (Right Click and Save As)

Individual Highlight Options

*Clients that are choosing to log their own highlights, do not forget to download the log sheet here. Simply download the form, watch your dvds and log the timecode into the sheet with a description of the play, and number the order in which you would like the play to appear. Then you can email the form, by scanning and emailing the form to info@capturemotion.tv or send the sheet to 11121 Vernon Ave, Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125.

Skills Video Shoot - 3 Hours Max

This option can be added to your athletic recruit package as an add on. It is a plus to your recruiters to see some isolated skills video of you demonstrating a particular skill. This video shoot is at an location of your pick such as a gym, field, batting cages or perhaps a swimming pool. We specialize in this type of shooting offering close up shots, wide shots, all edited and scored for optimal viewing. This option goes very nicely with an Athletic Recruitment Package.
This shoot begins at just $299

Skills and Training Shoot

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Interview Shoot - 1.5 Hours Max

An up close and personal interview of your student athlete to give recruiters some insight into your goals for college athletics. We structure 5-6 questions for your athlete to answer at a venue of your choosing or at Capture Motion Sports Studios.This is a wonderful addition to add to your Athletic Recruitment Package. This is edited to a 60 second spot. $149

Interview Package

Custom DVD/Blu Ray Covers

Have Capture Motion design a custom cover with your student athlete on their very first DVD or Blu Ray. Simply email us a photo to use (resolution of 300dpi or at least 700 by 700 pixels in resolution). $99

Photo Options for Cover


Image Coming Soon!

Editing Services

Hunters and Gatherers Athletic Recruitment Video

  1. This package is for the individual that has already been taking video of their student athletes.
  2. First thing to do is place an order by clickin on the order now button below.
  3. Then download the time sheet to use as your log for your footages. Go through all of your source footages game tapes(MiniDV, High8, DVD) and rewind tapes to begininng and start dvd from beginning. Watch footages and when you go to a play you want highlighted fill in the time sheet of numbers on the VCR or DVD players time code. Give a description of the play and the order in which the play should be shown on the highlight.

Contact a representative from Capture Motion if you have footage that you would like edited into an End of Year Banquet Video or an Athletic Recruitment Highlight Video. Perhaps you would just like some footage edited together as a momento for your collegiate or high school athletes.

Prices start at $299 for up to 5 footage sources. Contact us today at 216-938-5546