“Capture Motion has reliably supported the Mayfield men’s varsity soccer team by providing quality video over the past two seasons.  John and his staff do a brilliant job of creating team and individual video for coaching evaluation, player recruiting, as well as team highlights that tell a ‘story’ and serve as lasting keepsakes.”
- Tom Spear
(Father of Student Athlete Carey Spear)

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time considering such short notice. Much
- Monica Barth (Mother of Student Athlete)

"I am extremely happy to further my relationship with Mayfield High School Athletic Booster Club by now covering their Varsity Basketball Team"
- John Lorince

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Services Provided


Game Footage Acquisition Single Camera

A professional videographer will be assigned to your sporting event or events. Camera person will setup at a vantage point that is the best option available to them at venue. This option can be shot as a whole team vantage point or to just highlight one player throughout the entire game. This option is very sport specific for example. Is the videographer just taping one wrestling match or the entire team competition. Or is he following the action of the entire basketball game or just the action of your student athlete? Most will choose the entire team option and split the cost with the other parents of other players. But all options are available to you of course.
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Multiple Camera Shoot Television Style

Upon consultation of your events needs, Capture Motion will determine what type of setup coverage you need. The benefits of having multiple cameras at your events is that you can have a long wide shot as well as a close up shot of your student athlete. This option is our complete game coverage that has a quality likeness of watching a game on broadcast television. You can also have one camera follow the plays of the game and the other capture a Cinematic Style Game. Perhaps have a parent commentate or have us record the announcer with his or permission of course. All of these things are available by adding more cameras to cover more areas.
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Professional Editing

We know how important it is to have a professional put your game footages together. Our editors all have the experience needed to edit your game tapes into a final product for delivery. We understand how to communicate your message to your clients. For some that have acquired your own game footage, this is the perfect answer to your dilemma of creating a high quality final product. We have experience in working with bad video colors, bad audio, and dark footage that some may think is unusable. Contact us to review your footage...
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Interview / Training Workout Video

Here we understand that most recruiters may want to hear and see their candidates speak about themselves. We have program in place for that and the right questions to ask. We can schedule a shoot like this after a game taping or maybe even during a training workout video. Sometimes it is imperative to show your athlete doing what they do best in the gym or out on the field. Adding this adding footage to your Recruit Highlight Video could be an effective way to show your dedication, strength and skills. Capture Motion can meet you at a location of your choosing for this.
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Cinematic Style Game Footage

You have seen these intros on TV where we cover the game from the players perspective with close shots and different angles. This type of shoot is more for entertainment and memories.This shoot is edited with super slow motion effects and color grading effects layed to an original soundtrack. You can couple a teams coverage by ordering a multi- camera setup and have one camera do a Cinematic Style Game setup while the other focusing on the game or match at hand.
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College Recruit Highlight Video

You can send your footage to capture motion for us to edit your game footage into a saleable Recruit Highlight Video. But we prefer you to contact us about filming your event so we can be sure you are getting the best possible footage to work with. This package includes a dvd that has a menu for easy navigation. A biography page with photo, positions played, number, achievements and honours, and GPA if applicable.
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