“Capture Motion has reliably supported the Mayfield men’s varsity soccer team by providing quality video over the past two seasons.  John and his staff do a brilliant job of creating team and individual video for coaching evaluation, player recruiting, as well as team highlights that tell a ‘story’ and serve as lasting keepsakes.”
- Tom Spear
(Father of Student Athlete Carey Spear)

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time considering such short notice. Much
- Monica Barth (Mother of Student Athlete)

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First Step with Capture Motion Sports

  1. Figure out where the footage is coming from (call capture motion{216-938-5546} to see if they have a producer in my area) Or choose the Hunters and Gatherers Option and send us your footage to be edited.
  2. Talk with my team about team coverage options (entire season, booster support, etc.)
  3. Read information below about steps to recruitment if this apply's to your student athlete. (Remember that much money is left on the table in athletic scholarships because parents and or students did not prepare)

Tips for How to Get Recruited

Find out how to become eligible for college recruiting and potential scholarship opportunities

NCAA Eligibility Guidelines:

These guidelines are available by visiting the NCAA Eligibility Center .

When should a student register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Students should register with the Eligibility Center at the beginning of their junior year in high
school. At the end of the student's junior year, a transcript, which includes six semesters of
grades, should be sent to the Eligibility Center from the high school. Additionally, students
should have their SAT or ACT scores forwarded directly to the Eligibility Center (by using code
"9999") whenever they take the exam.

What requirements do I need to be able to practice, play and get a scholarship at an NCAA Division I or II college or university?

You need to complete the following:

  1. Graduate from high school
  2. Complete a minimum of 16 (for Division I) or 14 (for Division II) core courses
  3. Present the required grade‐point average (GPA)
  4. Present a qualifying test score on either the ACT or SAT
  5. Complete the amateurism questionnaire and request final amateurism certification.