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The Word is Out

There is a new dictator in town for all of the web junkies all over the world, and it’s name is WordPress. Yep, you guessed it, “it” is neither male or female, WordPress is much better than that. WordPress is taking over the newest and trendy websites all over the net from USA to China. The internet is finally becoming a place for the people, after all of the computer geeks have already built their googles, yahoos, and Ebays. The average internet users are regular human beings that may have taken a couple computer classes, but they are not the computer coding gods of the past. So what did the coding gods do to create a better looking internet with more search-able content for search engines to crawl? They made web site platforms that can be maintained by people called Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress.

Content Management Systems

Some CMS systems are free like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Overall, the cost of not having to hire full time developers can lower your web design costs. It has been the idea of many designers to give this option to clients but generally the web designers will charge more for setting up this kind of account because they are then loosing their updates and changes revenue to someone that is positioned in house for the client. I believe it is wise for web designers and content creators to give these options to clients because there will still be many clients that will not want to have the responsibilities of maintaining this department. And really, business relationships can only improve by giving the truth to customers and allow for them to decide what side of the fence their interests may be.

More Relevant Content Equals Higher SEO

Another positive aspect of using a WordPress or a CMS system for your web content is the word content. In today’s search engine rankings, relevant, fresh content is the key to being found on the world wide web by your prospective clients and customers. By moving into creating your own content based on your own niche and creating that content frequently, will move your web content to the top of the search engines list of active relevant sites in your niche topic or topics. I recommend finding someone that knows of this technology and pay them to consult or advise you on getting your business online using a CMS delivery mechanism.

Making Templates Unique by Customization

An advantage to using a template that was creating with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in mind can only help you be found on the internet. Also most templates can be customized to meet your companies design aesthetics. Keep in mind that all customization will require a decent knowledge of the product at hand. Such as knowing CSS and PHP programming language can be the difference in being able to make your site look and function exactly how you wish. But many templates offer basic customization such as header re-placement and custom backgrounds right from the original download. Also being able to host your own CMS system allows for additional plug-ins and the benefit of using your own custom domain name. If your not interested in learning about this type of technology on your own, then I suggest hiring someone that can get you setup initially and then make changes according to how your online presence changes over time. You can get started by contacting John Lorince to discuss your niche or web content ideas.

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