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Busy at Work - Digital Content Production

Published on September 14, 2009 with 1 Comment

I had to finally make a change to my website….I have more focus on my video production these days so I have since changed my website to embody that. There will be more changes I need to make to really demonstrate the services I have been providing for clients here locally and nationally. I have been super busy learning and writing ads and doing much sub contracting.

I have still been working with Healthy Fit Studios   and Colette Barry to help them formulate a video program for their yoga series. I have taken an interest in Yoga as an exercise form. It is nice to work for something that you believe in personally for true karmic power.

I am in my second year of handling all the production work for the Mayfield High School Soccer Programs. The games can be purchased on the site at this link.

As of recently I have been doing a ton of public profile advertisements for a national media company. They specialize in web video mostly and some those profiles can be seen here at the website.  

Anyways that is all I can muster today….Peace and follow your own true heart no matter what any one else thinks, unless your actions place you in jail, then maybe some reconsidering is in the cards.Busy at Work

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John Lorince heads Capture Motion Media based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He has written, directed and edited numerous music videos, live concerts, company profiles, commercials and a full length Pilates & Yoga DVD. John enjoys teaching with online tutorials the skills he has acquired in digital media production. He now has aspirations of writing and producing his first full length feature in 2012.

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  1. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inceridlbe!

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