The Adventurers of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn Review

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Even though the weather let loose with its first barrage of snow in the Cleveland, Ohio area, the early screening visitors were not to be upheld by mother nature. There was a full house of patrons at the Regal Cinema Movie theater in Richmond Heights, Ohio.

This was my first trip to see an early screening of a film courtesy of Paramount Studios and The Adventurers of TinTin became the perfect movie to treat my close friends to during the hectic season of holiday shopping.


TinTin is a animated 3d movie about a character named TinTin and his trusty dog Snowy that purchase a model treasure boat at a market and find out that there are many people that want this boat in their own possession. TinTin and his pup find out that the boat has a secret document enclosed in the boats that lead to a treasure.

The movies animation is created beautifully making the characters so realistic and the environments super life like. I am personally in awe of the professionalism of today’s animators using 3d technology. The marriage of animated movies and 3d technology will be something that we should see for some time to come.

The character TinTin (Jamie Bell) for me was a character that I learned to like early on, with his adult like demeanor and his child like spirit you rooted for him right away. And his dog Snowy was very funny the way he interacted with TinTin and his mannerisms were extremely life like.Andy Serkis’s character Captain Haddock is the original heir to the treasure being hunted by TinTin and his pup. Captain Haddock’s character is compelling in that he is battling alcoholism in his pursuit of helping TinTin find the treasure and battling Sakharine (Daniel Craig) and his cronies. The Thomson brothers are the comic relief for me played by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. They played cops that were brothers that appear to be twins trying to the keep the town safe and become a supporting characters to TinTin in his quest to find the missing treasure.


Great movie to take your kids to see if they can follow action and a story line well. If your a fan of animation I feel this is a must see for I have not seen environments and characters made more real by 3d animation.

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