IDvue – Detect Fake IDs and Counterfeit Currency, Credit Cards and Official Documents

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Detecting Fake Ids with IDvue

IDvue™ is an easy to use hand held device that allows you to quickly and accurately check identification cards to detect Fake IDs. The IDvue™ uses 10x magnification, as well as UV and high intensity white LED’s to highlight all the security features now included on credit cards, driving license, identification cards and official documents including passports.





Micro printing involves the use of extremely small text, and is most often used on driving licenses, currency and bank checks. The text is generally small enough to be indiscernible to the naked eye. Driving Licenses, for example, use micro print as the border of the Union Jack flag. The

IDvue™, has three carefully positioned, 10x magnification viewing panels.When used with the high intensity white LED’s the micro printing security feature can be easily viewed for print quality and clarity, again allowing you to authenticate all ID’s with this security feature.

Asking Proper Questions and checking the security features is the only real way to detect and prevent the use of Fraudulent activity used on ID’s and other forms of documentation.
Machines using Swiping technology Do Not always work and are more likely to fail or be compromised

Only IDvue™ offers you;
Ultraviolet illumination at the touch of a button, for verifying the hidden security features of a driver’s license or identification cards.

3x magnification with 10x magnification for micro printing

Illuminates Time, Date and year of Birth.

Age Selector 18 /21 for Alcohol / Tobacco

International / US Time and Date settings

One external light, Super Bright white LED provides extra working light for inspection of other items.

One external UV light for inspection of larger documents i.e. Money, Passports etc.

Lightweight sturdy designed, built to last and fits in your hand


The use of UV (Ultra Violet) ink on licenses, credit cards, and other official documents is a widely used anti counterfeiting measure.

UV ink is invisible to the naked eye, and incredibly hard to recreate. Licenses and official documents have UV images imbedded within the background printing. Credit cards use UV on the front of the card, embedded into the plastic. It is also used on the signature strip.

Using the IDvue™, with its 3 internal and external high powered UV LED’s you can detect counterfeit and forged cards quickly credit cards quickly and driver’s licenses.Check out IDvue on the web at for more information.

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