How to Cure a Cocaine Addiction

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Hi, I’m Dr. George Northrup. I’m a psychiatrist and addiction specialist based in Tampa, Florida. Today we’re going to talk about how to cure a cocaine addiction. If you are addicted to cocaine and wondering what to do, the first step is to understand you typically don’t cure addiction, you manage it. If you are or have been susceptible to addiction, you will likely remain so. However, this does not mean you have to be trapped by your addiction. The first step in managing a cocaine addiction is to speak to somebody. Most addicts are usually squirreled away trying to do this on their own, too scared, too nervous and too ashamed to tell anyone. The first step is to overcome those negative emotions and simply speak to somebody, anybody, a friend, a family member or go right to an addiction specialist or counselor. Once you overcome that hurdle you’re on your way to some sort of management of this problem. In addition to speaking with someone that you trust, it is often helpful to engage in some sort of 12 Step Program. This is a form of group therapy and is often one of the cornerstones of treatment. Often times addiction is accompanied by co morbid conditions or problems typically like anxiety or depression. If you feel like you might be suffering from one of these and that is in some way fueling your cocaine addiction, you should absolutely speak to a mental health professional about those types of problems as well. I’m Dr. George Northrup and we’ve been discussing how to break a cocaine addiction.

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