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Published on February 27, 2011 with 3 Comments

  With life comes three apparent things that happen for sure. One is being born, two is the need to sustain ( drink and eat ), and three is passing from this lifetime. Not often enough does anyone ever speak of perspective and growth to be something that must take place in a lifetime. Well, I feel like we need to add this to the list of living. I believe Dan Reed is a catalyst of this thinking and practice.
   I was going through a current shift myself and ironically enough was ever so lucky to meet Dan Reed . The leader of the Dan Reed Network that toured with Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones to name a few, had been here in Cleveland, Ohio for a concert this past year (2010). I must say that his compilation titled “coming up for air” had simply been that for me. Dan’s new songs from the cd and his classic tracks such as “Ritual” and “Rainbow Child” were performed with passion and professionalism that only someone of his experience could muster in my opinion.
  My associate and friend (Brad Walton) and I had been introduced to Dan through Michael Lee Hill (A guitarist and known to some from his appearance on the TV show UFO Hunters). Brad and I had taped the entire show while Dan was in town and some of those videos are live on youtube as I type this. 
  In closing, Iam looking forward to more projects with Brad, Michael and Dan. You can check out Dan’s music  at www.danreed.com and see where he plays next, for it is sure to be an entertaining and even an enlightening experience for some. -John Lorince

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  1. Excellent post Mr. Lorince. One.

  2. Brad Walton:

    Excellent post Mr. Lorince. One.

    Thanks Brad, just getting warmed up.

  3. HHIS I sohlud have thought of that!

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