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My Witty First Statement

First off, I am not the type of guy that goes to movies in the theater on a regular basis. So therefore, I have no tendencies to be jaded about my experiences. However I do feel I have decent understanding of the creation of entertainment in the movie business. So I will base my review on the whole movie going experience and all of the valid points to consider when reviewing a film.


The script style was intriguing in that it was not your classic three act structure. So that keeps you in your seat watching closely so you do not miss a step. Very important I think especially if your watching haphazardly from on blu-ray or DVD. The character of Captain America (Chris Evans) is brought in just perfectly enough for you to learn to like him and root for him early on. I am not familiar with the original comic book entry of the storyline to comment legitimacy of script and story, but the character building and history was enough for me to watch closely and be involved. The supporting actress Hayley Atwell that plays his love interest and protagonist is lovely in appearance and her character kept me watching closely. The villain of Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving was awesome in his look and demeanor and I feel he plays his antagonist role perfectly. Also a surprising spot filled by Tommy Lee Jones playing Colonel Chester Phillips was a superb match to balance the movie and set the tone.

To 3D or to Not 3D

Wow, I cannot even believe this is a real question for moviegoers. This technology is by far the most amazing thing that could happen when putting on pair of eye glasses. I know this movie was not initially shot in 3D with a 3D camera (as I have researched), it was converted after the fact. And frankly I do not see the concern here, you go and put on the glasses and it is entertainment from start to finish without going over board with items flying at you constantly. There is one point in particular that will go down in 3D infamy, and I will not spoil it. All I am going to say about it is that it involved a very, super cool shield and Captain America.

In Conclusion

With this being the first introduction to the Avenger Series, then I am in for a great saga that I believe I will continue to go watch in the theater as these come out. For those that continue to be critical of movies for their lack of this, and lack of that, perhaps do something creative in your life and save yourself before its to late. After all, maybe it was Captain America that saved the world from a Nazi take over and he does a great job of leading by example.

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