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Astrology and Me

I have had interests in Astrology ever since my early twenties. I am not going to go into the history of Astrology here, but I must mention that Astrologers have been highly regarded in societies that date back to the beginnings at Mesopotamia. However, most school systems did not add this bit of information to their history books, at least not for a high school education.

As of recently I had been compelled to learn more about the subject as I had scraped the surface in the past. But now I wanted to really know all the workings of its ancient study and language. So I was searching around the internet using keywords such as metaphysical, metaphysical studies, knowing yourself through the planets, and I landed upon the web site of Brian A. Hill.

Brian A. Hill – Humanistic Astrologer

At first glance the site was pleasing enough to the eye for me to start reading the text on the page. And this is where I found the best explanation of Astrology that I had heard from somebody other than the racket that was going on inside of my head.Brian A. Hill’s explanation of astrology, the heavens, and their ancient wisdom had intrigued me to contact him about a reading.A link to Brian’s Web site is

The Reading

Brian and I had exchanged a couple emails and I gave him my birth information and had arranged a call for the following Monday or Tuesday. Brian was very pleasant on the phone and we talked about my wants in this world and we had discussed my moon sign ( Capricorn ) and my Sun Sign ( Aquarius ). Brian gave me a good impression of knowing his craft for I had studied briefly and he had passed my tests quite simply. I liked his approach in which he calls “humanistic astrology” where he focused on what will make you happy as an individual in this lifetime and uses some practical steps to begin to achieve those goals. I do recommend him to anyone looking for some clarity on why you may be feeling a certain way about something, and hearing your thoughts being presented back to you can be a healing vibration. Or perhaps you are a person that feels they are not living their life to their expectations or wants. I do look forward to more conversations and or readings with Mr.Brian A. Hill my humanistic friend.

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