Avengers in 3D Movie Review

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Avengers Movie Review

Well such fate occurred on Tuesday the 22nd of May, I receive a text from my sister about her having to work and wondering if I could watch my nephew Greg. It also turns out that Greg’s birthday was that week and he is one of my movie going buddies. So that brings me here today to share my review of Avengers in 3D with you lucky people.

In my review I will discuss a range of topics including visual appeal, plot, character (actors), rating, and my overall feel and opinion of the movie without giving any spoilers.

Visual Appeal – 3D

Going into this movie I did expect wonderful 3d graphics, amazing 4k resolutions, amazing color corrections-and that is exactly what I received. I asked Greg if we should see it in 2d or 3d, and like most kids his age, and I agreed we should see it in 3D. Which later to find out that Greg was given adult 3D glasses and probably would have been better off with the children’s size since he indicated that they hurt his face during the film. Something to think about when you get your glasses at the theater. The 3D graphics were not overkill by no means, actually I felt that they could have used more 3D tactics at times. There was more use of 3D in the titles pre-movie and post. Nevertheless, I loved the visuals and the actual 3D animations of the characters and the action.

Avenger’s Plot

I felt the way the movie flowed was seamless and fluid, some debated-Greg in this case, that the story was a bit long. I really did not feel that any of the scenes could really be cut out from my first viewing.I do not have any history of Marvel Comics at all and I understood the story and where they were going with it. Anyone with a Catholic, Christian, or a Bible knowing background could see the Book of Revelations in many a scene, such as the depiction of Satan (Loki) as the sheep bowed to him at public square ( in Cleveland, Ohio). Also with the notion of an Alien War, these talks have been circulating in some circles, but that is a different post.


I absolutely enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. He portrayed this leader of the shield perfectly like any leader of most governments or agencies-with one hand out for mankind, and the other in the cookie basket of war and greed. Samuel L. Jackson has proved to us many a times he could play characters that are hateful, lovely, and or indifferent. And we still tend to like him no matter what.

Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man) was spot on and looked and felt like he was in top form to me. He played this character flawlessly with Iron Mans ego fully intact in which we all know and love Robert for. And the Iron Man suite and the 3D work with his super hero outfit was super to say the least. What a delight it must have been for Joss Whedon to direct or watch these characters bring his story to fruition.

Captain America (Chris Evans) played another superb performance as I really liked him in Captain America as well. I like this new character very much, and really makes me wonder who these casting people are for these movies, they are like oracles in my opinion. Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) had actually gotten my attention earlier in the week from 911 Truth videos I had seen. So I really do like Mark Ruffalo and what he stands for as a person, but that does not sway my opinion of his acting abilities. Which in my humble estimation is The Incredible Hulk as I believe him to be. Even as he quoted in the movie, “my secret is that I am always angry” I feel rings true in his present life, and frankly I think we all should be. Check out 911 Truths for more information on that subject.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor),Scarlett Johannsson (Black Widow),Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) were all equally awesome and well casted once again of course. Now I must admit that I was not that crazy for the character of Loki played by Tom Hiddleston. I am not sure if I was just partial to dislike any anti-Christ character or what. But the lovely thing of living is that I have the choice to decide what I am siding with, and I am not siding on the side of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I bet I would love something else he is working on or some other project. I am quite positive he is not going to lose any sleep over my decision.

Rating of PG 13

I felt comfortable with my nephew seeing this film for he just turned 13 and I do not feel any scene was really inappropriate for his age. There was no sex talk, drugs, or overly violent (blood) action.

Overall Opinion

In a world where media is king to many families, this movie takes the prize there. But I must admit that I did enjoy the storyline, for it could be a conversation starter about The Revelations to come in the real world of Earth. I truly feel that many movies are foretelling a future to people in some regard. Now how far off is this future of an Alien War and other Truths to be revealed, only time will tell.Also I must add, that it was fun to see Cleveland, Ohio so prominently displayed and noticed how well Cleveland landscapes fit into movies of all genres.

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